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2018-19 Season  
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RULES 2018-19

FIBA rules apply with the following exceptions

1. Man to man defence is compulsory at all times in all competitions. Any type of man to man defence may be used… e.g. Full court man to man press, help-man, half-court etc.
(Under 19 exempted from this rule)

2. No zones of any type at any time... e.g. No 212, 23, 32, 122, zone press or any other type of zone defences.
(under 19 exempted from this rule)

3. Four quarters of 10 minutes each. The clock should be stopped on every whistle.
However, with agreement from both coaches, the clock could just be stopped on free throws and time outs. In this case, the last 2 minutes of the final quarter must be played stopping clock.


4. Overtime for a game level at full time is 5 minutes, one way only. If still level a further 5 minutes is played until there is a result i.e. no drawn games.

5. Any drawn games in the pool fixtures will be regarded as a loss for both teams i.e. only 1 point awarded per team for playing the game.

6. Only one jump ball in the entire game; to start the game. All other "jump ball" situations result in alternate possession.

THE BALL (updated 30-11-17)
Size 7, U16
Size 6, U16 Girls, U14
Size 5 ball in U14 Girls, U12

8. A "Leather Feel" ball should be used as opposed to a rubber ball.

9. When dropped from 1800 mm (5' 11") the ball should rebound to between 1200 (3' 11") and 1400 mm (4' 7")

10. A maximum of 12 players can be named on the score sheet and are therefore allowed to play.

11. For the under 12 open… 5 players must play the whole of the first quarter and 5 different players must play the second quarter. Any combination for 3rd and 4th (including the 11th and 12th players if you have them). In case of injury, the opposing coach should choose the replacement player.
If you have fewer than 10 players available, then 10 points per player "missing" are awarded to the opposition.

12. Players must attend the school that they are competing for.

13. Girls are allowed to play in the open competition.

14. No boys are allowed to play in the girls competition.

15. Under 12, 14, 16 and 19 competitions refer to the players age at midnight of 31st August/1st September of the competition that they are playing in.

16. Players may play for an older team, but NOT a younger one. i.e. under 14 players may play for the under 14 team and also play for the U16s.

17. Schools without a sixth form may enter the U19 competitions as players may play for an older team.

18. Where possible, an official score sheet not a simplified version should be used.

19. The score must be displayed on a score board large enough for players to see at a glance.

20. For pool games, one referee should be provided by each school.

21. It is recommended that for knockout games neutral referees are appointed. Schools should share the cost of refereeing between them. A list of referees can be provided upon request. Otherwise, by agreement with the opposing school, referee the games in the same way as the pool games.

22. Referees will be appointed for the finals, paid for by LSBBA.

When the semis and final are on the same evening LSBBA will appoint the refs but the schools will need to pay for the refs of their semi-final.

Any queries please email lancsbballcup@yahoo.co.uk




The official basketball rules can be downloaded from the FIBA website; www.fiba.com