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Results from 2002-03

The competition was run by having two sets of "Round Robin" games with results aggregated into a table.
The top 8 are put into the quarter final.

Under 13, Images

Under 14, Images

Under 15

Under 16

Under 14 Final
The final started off with a scoreless 6 minutes leading to the two coaches jokingly suggesting that the cling film should now be removed and the first team to score should be declared as the winners.
When the scoring started, Bacup just edged a tight game outscoring Archbishop Temple by 7 points in each half.

Under 15 Final
There was only ever going to be one winner in this final...every time Bacup threatened to get close, Southlands just pulled away again.
So there is still no team able to threaten the dominance of Southlands who have now been Lancashire Champions at under 13, 14 & 15 with this team. Will they get a full set next year?

Under 16 Final
Millfield stood out head & shoulders above the rest of the schools in this age group and scored very freely in the final despite a very spirited display by Archbishop Temple who worked very hard for the full 40 minutes

If you have any photos, videos or match reports from any games that took place in this or any other season then please send them in to the website

FEEDBACK on the 2002-03 SEASON

What was good?

  • The website
    • Access to fixtures
    • Access to results
    • List of previous winners (has anyone got any results from before ’96?)
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Good to have some guaranteed games
  • Standard of basketball in games is good

What could be better?

  • Finals are too late in the year? All games should be finished by Easter
  • Schools that enter the competition should fulfil their fixtures
  • U16 is too late in the year. Could the final be before Christmas?
  • Too few teams are involved?
  • Where are the trophies? Trophies need locating
  • A trophy could be awarded to the winning team to keep permanently
  • Publicity
    • The press could be invited to the finals
    • Ask schools to include a link from their website to the LSBBA website
  • Can we have zones in the Under 16’s?
  • Keep man to man in all competitions
  • Finals night
    • Semi-finals followed by finals on the same night
    • Play all the finals on the same night
    • Play U13 and U15 on the same night and then U14 and U16 on a different night as some players will play for the team in the year above but unlikely to play two year groups up

Than you for your comments. Improvements can be incorporated into next year’s competition.
Obviously, not every suggestion can be acted upon.