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Finals 2002-03  
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Under 16 Girls Final Match Report

Worden 32-28 Bacup
Written By Lisa Topping & Sheli Houghton of Worden Sports College

Both under 16’s girls’ teams were ready to show off their skills at the final held at Darwen Vale High School. Whilst Bacup were warming up at the top of the court Worden walked in looking very motivated for their game. Team coaches Pottsie and Robbo began warming them up straight away as both teams knew that the game winners would be the team that made the least mistakes on the day because both teams were pretty evenly matched.

Worden’s Parr and Bacups ‘21’ went up for the toss wich Bacup won, Worden quickly turned on the defence determined to win the ball back and score an early basket. With Bacup drivingto the basket and missing, Worden’s Sheli Houghton grabbed the ball and played it wide to Lisa Topping who drove towards the basket and scored the first points of the game. Bacup came straight back at Worden, who again managed to get the ball from Bacup's missed shot and score at the other end.

Bacup’s ‘21’ then made up ground on the court passing the ball to make an easy angled shot for her team mate to score.
The game continued back and forth with Worden taking the lead and then Bacup levelling. All team managers and parents where anxiously leaning off their seats.

In the final quarter baskets came from captain Steph Parr, Steph Houghton, Becky Topping and Holly Robinson. And Bacup’s 21 kept on bagging the shots she took, which kept putting pressure on the Worden team. But Worden’s back man, Amanda Blizzard kept working hard, reducing the number of shots every time they had a break.

Worden’s Lisa Topping bagged a lay-up moments before the final whistle, making the final score 32-28 to Worden.

Both teams then shook hands and waited for the presentation. First number ‘21’ of Bacup lead her team to collect runners up and Worden’s Parr lifted the champions cup, which represented a lot of hard work and commitment put in by team managers and players.

The referee made a presentation to the player he recognised as the MVP (most valuable player) giving it to number 3 of Worden, Lisa Topping.

The Final was a very exciting match, enjoyed by all. Worden would like to thank Bacup for making them fight so hard for the win, and a big thanks to Miss Potts and Miss Robinson (otherwise known as Ginge) for all their faith and commitment they have shown towards the team, we just couldn’t have made it without them!