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Final Winners since 1996  
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  Under 12 Under 13 Under 14 Under 15 Under 16 Under 19 U12Girls U14 Girls U16 Girls U19 Girls
      Tarleton   Tarleton     Bacup Park  
2016-17 Arch Temple   Longridge   Garstang     Park Fisher More St Wilfrid's
2015-16 Longridge Longridge Darwen Vale Garstang Tarleton Stonyhurst   Park Fisher More St Wilfrid's
2014-15 Longridge Southlands Garstang Tarleton Tarleton Rossall   St Wilfrid's St Wilfrid's Clitheroe
2013-14 Southlands Corpus Christi Tarleton Bacup Garstang Bacup   Penwortham Longridge Clitheroe
2012-13 Park Garstang Clitheroe Arch Temple Montgomery Stonyhurst   St Wilfrid's Clitheroe Rossall
2011-12 Longridge Southlands

Arch Temple

Montgomery Darwen Vale Rossall   Longridge Clitheroe Clitheroe
2010-11 Southlands St Mary's Montgomery Darwen Vale Bacup     St Wilfrid's Longridge  
2009-10 Longridge Darwen Vale Darwen Vale Arch Temple St Augustine's     St Wilfrid's Longridge  
2008-09 Arch Temple Darwen Vale Bacup Longridge Arch Temple     Longridge Alder Grange  
2007-08 Longridge
Darwen Vale (shared)
Bacup Longridge Bacup Arch Temple     St Wilfrid's Marsden Heights  
2006-07 Darwen Vale Longridge Southlands Southlands St Wilfrid's     Marsden Heights Worden  
2005-06 Southlands Southlands Darwen Vale Arch Temple Clitheroe     Montgomery Worden  
2004-05   Southlands Montgomery Clitheroe Baines          
2003-04   Southlands Southlands Parklands Bacup          
2002-03   Southlands Bacup Southlands Millfield          
2001-02   Southlands* Southlands Worden* Millfield          
2000-01   Southlands Millfield Southlands* Collegiate          
1999-00   Fisher More* Southlands Bacup Bacup          
1998-99   Fisher More* Collegiate* Bacup All Hallows*          
1997-98   Collegiate* Longridge Hodgson* Baines*          
1996-97   Arch Temple* Collegiate*              
1989-90         Arch Temple          

Under 12, U14 Girls, U16 Girls competitions began in 2005/6 season
U12 2007/8, trophy shared between Longridge and Darwen Vale

If you know of any results before the 95/96 season please email them to the website

 *Results are unconfirmed. It is assumed that the named school won the final. If you know different please email the website with confirmation.