Under 12 Quarter Finals 2011-12
Top 2 in each pool to qualify for quarters, plus two best 3rd placed teams
Winner Pool 1 Corpus Christi 54 54 Longridge Winner Pool 2
Second Placed Bacup 26 13 Broughton Second Placed
Monday 26th March Corpus Christi 18-31 Longridge Friday 23rd March
Longridge 55-31 Park
Monday 19th March Park 36-17 Arch Temple Monday 19th March
Winner Pool 3 Park 28 26 Arch Temple Best 2nd  Place
best 3rd Place Holy Cross 19 23 St Augustine's best 3rd place
Date 14 May 2012
Day Monday
Venue Darwen Vale Rules  
Tip offs 4.00 first semi 5 players in Q1, no subs
Ref John Breare 5 different players in Q2, no subs
Ref Bob McGilveray Any subs in Q3 and Q4
Winners of Pools will be at home in the quarter finals as will the best of the 
second placed teams
The away teams will be made up of the other two second placed teams and the two best placed
third position teams